Icarly and victorious, summary

Rumors are over, victorious isnt canceled.
But in an interview victoria claimed she “grew up with nick(eversince zoey 101)
It was pretty obvious, ever since season 3 aired. So enjoy!
Icarly was a sad ending, but they did state that

they were coming back

Isnt that a mystery? Watch the episode, they stated it like alot of times.

Until then my tweenagers… πŸ˜›


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When will winx come back?

This is episode 14 preview of winxclub-
(Ps, thank you believeinwinxTV1 )

Sadly, this has not still come back on. I’ve asked and people answered-

Febuary 5, 2013

Wow, that’s long from now. 10 more days? Are the rumors true?
And by know, winx may be cancelled at this rate. Its low rates make it like that.
why aren’t kids watching the show?
Hmm, eversince sirenix the show gotten a low reputation. Why?
DUH! Its in 3D! Why the winx would i watch it in 3D?!

Until then, we shall wait for the next episode!


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Please do this poll!

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Here’s 2 us

Hey! Its me, and Victorias latest song here’s 2 us-

So, my opinion. This is a great song, i recommend it to be an uplifting song! πŸ™‚
Some lyrics are little off. That’s usual with victorious. Like for example-

I ain’t got a thing to do
Can I sit here next to you?

That part confused me, “can i sit next to you?”
But its not new, a lot of her songs do that. I guess she needed a rhyme. πŸ˜›
She did it again…

Could you give me a shot?
And I’ll work with what I got

Work with what? I caught that, but why on a kid television? Shots to kids are people shooting, dont get kids wrong nick. Even i know my stuff

This song goes with Victorious 3.0 album, which is a available on iTunes.
Overall, its an inspirational song.
That’s all for today! Share your opinion in the comment section!

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Welcome to we are tweenagers

Hey! Its me, socute4u.
Welcome to my blog, so, this blog is mostly about opinions, for Tweens, and we want yours.
So stay tuned, and comment below for ideas to make this blog great!


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